Distributions and Reports

Distributions Timetable - December 2019 (all IML Funds)

  Date Business Day
Cum Prices for 31.12.19 Thursday 2 January 2020 1
Distribution rate (CPU*) Friday 3 January 2020 2
Ex prices Friday 3 January 2020 2
Processing of re-investment Friday 3 January 2020 2
Distribution payment date Tuesday 7 January 2020 4
Distribution statements to be sent Tuesday 7 January 2020 4
*Cents Per Unit

Recent Distributions

Fund APIR Code Distribution Frequency CPU Period Ending
Australian Share Fund IML0002AU Generally Half-Yearly 18.69 cpu June 2019
All Industrials Share Fund IML0004AU Generally Half-Yearly  10.53 cpu June 2019
Concentrated Australian Share Fund IML0010AU Generally Half-Yearly 3.78 cpu June 2019
Future Leaders Fund IML0003AU Generally Half-Yearly 4.26 cpu June 2019
Australian Smaller Companies Fund IML0001AU Generally Half-Yearly 10.88 cpu June 2019
Small Cap Fund IML0006AU Generally Half-Yearly 7.03 cpu June 2019
Equity Income Fund  IML0005AU Generally Quarterly 1.75 cpu Sept 2019
Private Portfolio Fund IML2681AU Generally Half-Yearly 6.52 cpu June 2019


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30 September 2019 (Equity Income Fund Only)

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