Webinar: Seeking the middle ground between cash and equities

18 November 2021

Tuan Luu, Portfolio Manager of the Investors Mutual Private Portfolio Fund, provides an update on how the Fund aims to provide a solution for investors who are seeking the middle ground between cash and equities.*

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For decades and when interest rates were high, many Australian investors had a substantial portion of their investments in term deposits and savings accounts, generating healthy levels of income virtually risk free.

Investors are responding to the current low interest rate environment in a variety of ways. Many investors are caught between the need to earn adequate income from their existing accumulated savings but are hesitant to risk their hard-earned capital in more volatile asset classes such as the sharemarket. Additionally, some investors tempted to invest in the sharemarket have concerns about company valuations at this stage in the cycle. Our recent article discusses how the IML Private Portfolio Fund is addressing this investor conundum.

Co-managed with Anton Tagliaferro, the Fund is an absolute return strategy that aims to deliver positive returns to its investors. With a very strong focus on risk management and capital preservation, the Fund combines IML’s skill in fundamental research and stock selection with expertise in tactical portfolio management, and the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions.

With a track record of over three years, the distribution of the Fund’s monthly returns is heavily skewed in favour of positive returns, with over three-quarters (78%) of monthly returns to date having been positive. The median return is +0.8% per month, while negative returns of more than -1% have only occurred in 4 of the Fund’s 40-month track record.**


*This is in relation to the general income and capital growth profiles of cash/interest-bearing assets and equities at the time of publication and is not a statement regarding the risk profile of the product. This Fund is a high risk investment and capital and income are not guaranteed.
**Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Returns and capital are not guaranteed and the value of your investment can move up or down.
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