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Fund Date Entry Exit Download history
Australian Share Fund15-Aug-2017$3.0691$3.0537
All Industrials Share Fund15-Aug-2017$1.7981$1.7891
Concentrated Australian Share Fund15-Aug-2017$1.7059$1.6973
Future Leaders Fund15-Aug-2017$1.1591$1.1533
Australian Smaller Companies Fund15-Aug-2017$1.9217$1.9121
Small Cap Fund15-Aug-2017$1.4707$1.4633
Equity Income Fund15-Aug-2017$1.0875$1.0821

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* based on the exit price for the Fund.

Disclaimer: These are historical entry and exit prices, based upon our most recent valuation, however you may not receive these prices should you apply for, or redeem units on or after the time of this communication. Cut-off times for applications and redemptions are set out in the product disclosure statement of the relevant fund.